Here are the 5 best Nitrome games for iPhone and iPad

By , on December 11, 2017
Last modified 6 years, 7 months ago

Nitrome is one of those developers that understands mobile brilliantly. Its games are often unique twists on some age-old formula, and more often that not those twists breathe extravagant and interesting new life into a genre.

And since we haven't done one of those round up lists for a while, I figured it was high time we decided what the five best Nitrome games are. To be honest, this list could just be a link to Nitrome's App Store page, but that's lazy content and I simply won't stand for it here.

You can click on the names of the games below to grab them from the App Store. And if you think I've got it wrong, or just want to talk about your favourite Nitrome game, then feel free to get stuck into the comments section down at the bottom of the article.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

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You're a wizard, insert name here. And you're stood on top of the battlements of a castle while from above evil knights float down on balloons. You need to draw the symbol on the balloons to cast a spell and send them packing.

Silly Sausage in Meat Land

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This one sees you playing at the titular dog in the titular land. You're a stretchy dog, and you need to get past spikes, spinning saws, and all manner of other obstacles. It's essentially a platformer but with stretching instead of jumping. And you can sniff your own butt.

Rust Bucket

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A pared-back dungeon crawler that gets everything pretty much right. Move through the depths gathering treasure and killing baddies. At its heart the game is a puzzler. You need to position yourself correctly to take out the monsters, otherwise they're going to murder you.


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Is it a gun? Is it a brick? Er, why can't it be both? You're a delivery driver trying to get the brick from A to B. One of its four sides is a shield, the other is a rocket launcher. You need to move in just the right way to complete your task, and it's ruddy marvellous.

Stretch Dungeon

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Where Silly Sausage is about stretching your character, this one is about stretching the level. You need to deform the walls of the dungeon in order to escape from your gross cell. It's brilliantly well thought out, and once you've played it you're going to wonder why no one thought of it before.