Hidden Gem of the Week: Ending

By , on January 24, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

Aaron Steed's Ending is a minimalist roguelike stripped of all the fluff and filler, exposing a challenging game of life and death decisions and strategic planning, where one wrong move can destroy you.


Inspired by chess and board games, Ending casts you as a lowly @ sign, in a maze of dangerous ruthless enemies. Each symbol moves in a specific way or has a special purpose, from moving two spaces in a turn to only being able to attack from a certain direction or firing projectiles. When you move, they move, and one hit is enough to destroy you...or for you to end them. There in lies Ending's strategic gameplay: it's a game where every move must be considered, where you need to think five steps ahead and know exactly how each enemy will be move or else you'll find yourself cornered and trapped by the fourth step. Maneuvering into advantageous positions to avoid danger and destroy your enemies is thrilling and difficult and always rewarding, and your limited number of moves per room adds more tension and challenge.

Between its level-based Puzzle mode and randomly-generated Gauntlet mode, Ending provides a lean and tense game that subtly mixes chess and roguelike elements, where succss is won through your own careful planning. You can purchase Ending on the App Store ($1.99) and Google Play ($1.49).