Hidden Gem of the Week: Good Fences

By , on January 31, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

Good Fences is an unasssuming little gem of a puzzler for iOS and Android, the kind you might not give a thought at a glance due to its simple aesthetic and mechanic that are hard to get across in screenshots. This geometric brain-teaser takes a very simple concept and wrings over a hundred challenges of shape placing and rotating out of that central mechanic.

Take a look at that screenshot below, that is Good Fences at its simplest. Every stage presents you with a shape, and it's your job to surround it with copies of that same shape. It's such a basic seed of a puzzle concept, where even a less-complex shape can prove to be a tricky prospect to surround due to how corners and sides might fit together. Good Fences' appeal comes from its freeform nature; there's no one right way to complete its challenges, and your solution might be as elegant or as piece-heavy as you can think of.

Good Fences

The freeform aspect is where Good Fences' trickiest challenges stem from. Surrounding a shape is the easy part, but surrounding a shape with the least amount of shapes possible, or with as many pieces as possible, becomes a true spatial test. Suddenly every placement and rotation becomes important, suddenly you're reassessing shapes for where you could sacrifice one or how to maximize coverage. It's quite ingenious how those extra tasks add such addicting challenge to Good Fences' simple gameplay. And beyond the Min and Max objectives, Good Fences challenges you to create a second fence around your main one, injecting yet another layer of placement to consider.

For some interesting geometric puzzle solving , you can purchase Good Fences for $1.99 on the App Store and Google Play.