A Steel Media round-up for the week of April 2nd

By , on April 6, 2018
Last modified 1 year, 2 months ago

Here’s another weekly round-up of news, previews, and features from Pocket Gamer, 148Apps, and the rest of our sister sites.

On our Youtube page, James Gilmour goes hands-on with the puzzle platformer Paper Anne, where instead of leaping around the environment, you manipulate the environment itself. The video highlights the early levels and a number of the game's Wonderland-themed mechanics. 

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Over on Pocket Gamer, Jessica Famularo previews the upcoming port of Killing Time At Lightspeed, a visual novel that explores a lonely and poignant sci-fi narrative about passengers on a spaceship traveling at lightspeed receiving and sending messages to Earth. Unfortunately, relatvity means nearly 30 years pass by on Earth whereas on 30 minutes pass for those on the ship. 

And finally, Campbell Bird on 148Apps provides an overview of Sdorica: Sunset, the next game from the developers of Implosion. While that game was a sci-fi hack-n-slash, Sdorica is a fantasy RPG-puzzle games where matching across its tight two rows of tiles result in different attacks from your party members. 


For those stories and many more, be sure to visit our fellow sites, and keep an eye for more weekly round-ups on upcoming Fridays.


Chesco 1 year, 2 months ago

Hi AppSpy, ive been a loyal fan of your site since the first year you were created.
I have hundreds of games on Price Alert and haven't seen a Price Alert in over a year!!!
What is going on with your Price Alert system??

Also, these 2 price alerts have been stuck on sale for the past year as well, but are no longer on sale: