Hidden Gem of the Week: Blown Away

By , on April 25, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 11 months ago

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Blown Away: Secret of the Wind is a unique auto-running puzzle platformer from Black Pants Studio, that stabds out due to its vibrant art style and clever mechanics.

Mother Nature has swept away Hendrik's home and hair;  now he must travel a land of deadly gaps, monsters, and traps to retrieve them, using his pair of teleporting boots to leap past hazards  Those boots provide the backbone for Blown Away's smartly-designed stages; your boots recharge their teleport with each step, and tapping on the screen teleports you to that location, even as you're falling to certain doom. The charging element is what turns a relatively simple mechanic into a puzzler. Your boots only charge when you're moving, and you only have a limited amount of teleports, so success means timing when and where to teleport, assessing how far you to walk to teleport a certain distance, when to teleport or when to let Hendrik walk. 

The auto-running and boot recharge complement each other nicely, Through that simple single-tap mechanic, Blown Away delivers both fast-paced puzzles and trap-dodging thrills, all presented in a hand-drawn aesthetic reminiscent of old-style cartoons.

Blown Away: Secret of the Wind is available for $1.99 on iOS, and as a free download with a game unlock in-app purchase on Android.