Hidden Gem of the Week: Dungeon of the Endless

By , on May 24, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 11 months ago

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Dungeon of the Endless starts out pretty badly for your team of bounty hunters, assassins, and criminals, as their prison transport vessel is destroyed by the mysterious alien force known as the Endless and the survivors find themselves in the subterranean corridors of an Endless complex. Otherworldly horrors lurk in the dark rooms and halls, waiting to attack your heroes in overwhelming waves. The exit is twelve floors up. Amplitude Studios' tower defense strategy roguelike is a desperatr and tense journey to the surface so far above.

Each floor is a procedurally-generated maze, through which you guide your team room-by-room, preparing for whether you find much-needed resources, a merchant, a new hero to recruit, more ruthless enemies behind closed doors. While you direcly control heroes' actions directly, the challenge comes from using their skills intelligently, balancing the slow heavy-hitters with quick strikers and ranged units, and utiliziing special abilities that can increase damage and speed, regenerate health, among other useful buffs.

Besides your heroes, room are often equipped with slots to place various modules; these act like the towers in a tower defense game, each with different offensive, defensive, and support capabilities. However, you can only place modules in powered rooms, and that's where the true challenge emerges. Your team must also pull a power-emitting Crystal through stages, and deciding who carries and who protects, which rooms are safe to power and which can be left dark, is crucial. Did you place enough modules? Which hero will guard the rear, which one will rush ahead to guard the carrier?

Dungeon of the Endless is available for $3.99 on the App Store, and is only playable on tablets.