A Steel Media round-up for the week of June 18th

By , on June 22, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 12 months ago

Here’s another weekly round-up of news, previews, and features from Pocket Gamer, 148Apps, and the rest of our sister sites.

On our Youtube page, James Gilmour reviews the colorful musical auto-runner Muse Dash. Blending the rhythmic fun of the music game with the reflex-testing action of the runner, Muse Dash is praised as a fun test of hand-eye coordination.

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Over on Pocket Gamer, Emily Sowden assembles a number of reader impressions of the recent RPG Evoland 2, a game that takes players on a journey through the history of the genre. The overall consensus praises the game's unique variety and humor, but state that the controls could be more responsive at times.

Finally on 148Apps, Campbell Bird gives an overview of Platinum's World of Demons, providing a rundown on the game's premise, gameplay such as the combat system, and other mechanics outside of the vibrant action.

World of Demons

For those stories and many more, be sure to visit our fellow sites, and keep an eye for more weekly round-ups on upcoming Fridays.