Hidden Gem of the Week: Blockwick 2

By , on June 28, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 11 months ago

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Blockwick 2 is a clever puzzler that takes the familiar block-sliding gameplay and wrings myriad mechanics and clever challenges from that design.

Every stage in Blockick presents the same challenge: manuever like-colored blocks around tight levels so they all connect in a single group. That task might be simple, perhaps even solvable through trial and error, but it's the additional objectives and mechanics that elevate Blockwick 2 to something special. Each stage has special runes hidden on the ground, presenting you with the extra challenge of discovering the specific solution that covers all the markings with the blocks.

Those elements alone would make Blockwick 2 a difficult puzzler, but it's the other mechanics that keep the game fresh and unique through. Each chapter adds a clever new twist to the core block sliding: blocks that are locked in place, blocks that move together simultaneously, block snakes that can curl around corners, multi-colored blocks that flip end-over-end, and more. Those mechanics means Blockwick 2 never feels repetitive, even through the main game's dozens of levels and into the Obscura expansion.

Blockwick 2 is available for $7.99 on the App Store and $11.99 on Google Play.