What are the best same-device multiplayer games for mobile?

By , on August 17, 2018
Last modified 1 year, 7 months ago

Gaming on mobile can sometimes feel like a lonely experience. These devices are supposed to keep us connected, but instead we're staring at them to the detriment of the people around us. Or are we? After all, we might be playing a same-device multiplayer game.

Handily, that's what this list is all about. These are the very best games that you can play with your friends on the same iPhone or iPad. There'll be jostling, there'll be laughter, and there'll be no arguing that technology isn't capable of bringing us all much closer together.

As is the way of things with short lists, you might think that we've missed some stuff out. That's fine, we accept we're not perfect. But do let us know in the comments what you think should have been included, otherwise we'll never learn from our mistakes.

Mucho Party - download for iOS

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This is sort of like a touchscreen Warioware game, albeit lacking a little bit of the charm of Nintendo's mischievous franchise. Short games see you and your opponent huddling around a single device to tap, swipe, and possibly shove your way to victory. Just the way gaming used to be in the old days.

Battle Golf - download for iOS

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Two players stand in the midst of a chaotic golfing landscape, one controlled by you and another by a friend. You need to thwack balls around, ostensibly attempting to get them into the hole at the middle of the course. Or you can just hit them at your friend, whatever tickles your fancy really.

Pktball - download for iOS

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Imagine an angrier, more cartoon-based version of Pong and you're about getting to grips with what Pktball has to offer. Now add in the fact that up to four people can play a weird hybrid of tennis around the same device. We're honestly finding it difficult to imagine many things better than that.

The Battle of Polytopia - download for iOS

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This one offers up pass-and-play multiplayer, but it's no less tense and exhilarating for it. The Battle of Polytopia is a smart, pared back strategy game with more than a few tricks up its sleeve, and thanks to the quick turns, you're never waiting too long while your friends make their decisions.

Ticket to Ride - download for iOS

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Probably the most complex game on this list. Ticket to Ride is a board game adaptation that's all about building up a network of tracks and defeating your opponents. The rules are pretty dense, but once you've got to grips with them the pass-and-play multiplayer here is going to keep you entertained for hours.


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