These are the 5 best single player card games on mobile

By , on September 4, 2018
Last modified 3 years, 1 month ago

We know card games can be an absolute riot, especially when you're up against other people. Win or lose, it's all in good fun – unless you're a big baby about losing.

However, occasionally there comes a time when you fancy playing a card game, but don't really want to interact with anyone else. Perhaps you've finally grown sick of being slated online or maybe you're just not in the mood for socialising.

These solo card games are just what you need. Like those touchscreen booths you can order from at – er – a popular fast-food chain, you can tackle these on your lonesome. They won't spit out burgers and fries, but they will keep you well amused.

Meteorfalldownload on iOS (£2.99/$2.99)

If you've yet to discover this one, Meteorfall is a brilliant single-player card game with an awesome art style. It's a little bit Adventure Time, a little bit Card Crawl, and a whole lot of fun. Initially released in January earlier this year, developer Slothwerks is constantly working to bring awesome updates, new decks, and performance-enhancing tweaks to the game.

You've also got a good bit of roguelike charm to it as you'll pick a character, fight through many, many enemies on your journey, and swipe left and right to make your decisions throughout the game. Fine, there's a little bit of Reigns in there too.

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Card Thiefdownload on iOS (£2.99/$2.99)

Alright, I'll throw it out there – this is one of two card games from Tinytouchtales on the list, but when you make solo card games THIS good it's hard to choose just one.

Card Thief is a stealth-based card puzzler where you have to smash out a series of successful heists in order to steal valuable chests. You'll choose the best path to get through each level, extinguishing torches to sneak past (and pick-pocket) guards, sticking to the shadows, and trying to get out without getting caught.

You may need some practice and will likely fail a good few times in this one, but it feels so good when you get through it, treasure in-hand.

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Look, Your Loot!download on iOS

If you're not really looking for a more complicated card game with roguelike elements, you may well be interested in Look, Your Loot!. It may seem a little daunting at first, but the game is super easy to get into and you can play a round in just a few minutes. Perfect for those coffee breaks.

With nine cards in play, you'll move your hero one step at a time throughout the board. You've got chests to unlock, elixirs to drink, coins to pick up, power-ups which'll help you against enemies, and more as you go.

You've also got to be cautious and avoid all sorts of traps before you get to the monsters. You won't win if you've got a lower HP, so that's something you'll have to figure out by implementing other cards around you.

Miracle Merchant - download on iOS (£1.99/$1.99)

It's hard to believe that Miracle Merchant has been out for over a year now, but it's still just as much fun as ever.

Working as the apprentice of a master alchemist, you need to mix different potions for eager adventurers depending on their needs. You'll combine ingredient cards and test your skills based on what's in your deck and, hopefully, produce an awesome potion.

If you do want to play a bit more competitively, there are daily tasks/games with global high scores. You don't have to play against anyone, but you can still earn your bragging rights if you're good enough.

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Card Questdownload on iOS (£4.99/$4.99)

This is a dungeon-crawling card game in more of a traditional sense. You've got a huge cast of curious characters, intense combat, lots of classes, and customisable decks to suit your personal play-style.

While the card genre may be densely populated on iOS, Card Quest really knows its stuff and gets the balance just right overall. Once you've picked your class it's off to the dungeons and all of the glorious, tricky combat within.

Thanks to its roguelike gameplay, if you die in the dungeons it's right back to the beginning for another palm-sweating go. Be prepared to put some time aside for this one.

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