These are the top 5 mobile games like Diablo for iOS

By , on October 15, 2021
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Updated 15th October 2021. Original post by Emily Sowden, updated by Himanshu Cheeta

Diablo is one of the most successful, popular, and beloved gaming franchises in the world. It made its debut in 1996, and its two successors defined the huge hack-and-slash action RPG genre that exists today. Diablo is known for its story-driven campaign, fast-paced combat, several class options, and deep skill trees.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for its official entry with 'Diablo Immortal' on mobile. So, we decided to make a list of the best games already available to play on mobile. So, in the meantime, enjoy our list of best Diablo-like games available on iOS.


Similar to Diablo III, Eternium offers a wide world of adventure and secrets. Whether you are a Mage, Warrior, or Bounty Hunter, your mission is to protect the land from the ancient evil, Ragadam, before it's sinister motives of a world-ending catastrophe become a reality. Get ready to face deadly creatures, dragons, and aliens as you explore different planets and gather friends to help you encounter difficult enemies that block your way. As your abilities grow, both you and your friends will gain new and varied skills based on the symbols drawn on the battlefield.

There is tons of gear in Eternium, which can be worn over nearly every major body part, each containing distinctive properties that enhance your performance. Gems are a common gameplay feature, letting you either combine them to obtain better ones or use them to boost bonuses on items. Features such as adding sockets to your equipment, assembling gear sets, and rerolling an attribute for an item are taken from Diablo.

As a free-to-play, practical game, Eternium picks Gems as its currency. They are not mandatory to purchase but are an optional feature for unlocking certain quality-of-life options faster. Optional ads can be watched to earn more Gems, and if you don't like the temptation, the setting to turn off all ads is also available for real money. Better to use your worthy dollars on companion slots and character storage space.

Eternium holds a promising campaign storyline, featuring a series of unique "trials," but even so, the gameplay is not as great as Blizzard's series. Still, Eternium does a great job of scratching the itch on your mobile device, despite that high bar.

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This ARPG looks deeply influenced by Diablo. However, the premise is light and joyous. Welcome to 'Paperverse,' an all-paper world where your character and the surrounding world are illustrated beautifully, made up of paper people. But don't be fooled, they aren't fragile. Book of Demons contains traditionally generated dungeons, while the item cards are the "loot," ready to be found and equipped. If you ever feel like you made the wrong choice, you can even equip or switch them mid-battle.

Setting off on a warrior's path, you have the freedom to choose the Rogue and Wizard after you unlock them. Though it can sometimes feel robotic and repetitive, thoughtful design decisions help keep it interesting. There are signature cards for every character, alongside three difficulty levels, so even after you've played through the first eight hours, you'll want to enjoy it again.

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Featuring real-time combat with teams of four controllable characters, be prepared to level up, enhance your skills, and gain experience in the sequel to Battleheart. With different gear and four equip slots, the game offers a min-maxing feature, much like Diablo does. Furthermore, unlike its predecessor, there is a cooperative mode for up to four players and an Arena mode where you confront waves of enemies to advance.

Although similar, the game's rift system is simpler than Diablo's. Also, a new game mode has recently emerged through this: the AFK (away from keyboard) Arena. Those with adept min-maxing skills already know that Cyrus, the necromancer, raises skeletons from the dead that automatically target the nearest enemy and attack, despite no player intervention. If a Cyrus has been optimized to a great level, it can dominate the Arena without the player's help. This definitely showcases the spirit of Diablo II.

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You, an intergalactic UPS driver, have crashed on an alien land. Troubled to find a way home, now it is up to you to survive and protect yourself and your important packages and span away from the surface that threatens your being. Step into this survival, crafting, exploration game and prove that you have what it takes to live.

Now, you might be thinking, how is it similar to Diablo? Two words - combat and gear. Almost everything you come across will try to attack and kill you, so the best thing you can do is to spin around and shake and bake, inflicting damage with your homemade weapons. Another strikingly similar feature is the game's expansive gear system. Aside from his primary weapon, Flux, the main character carries a pair of flamethrowers, a bomb, a freeze ray, and four trinkets that provide various bonuses in addition to four armor pieces.

Many bonuses are available for damage, critical hits and move speed. through the equipment. As for Juicemancy, the power she possesses lets her upgrade her gear and reroll stats until she achieves the results she wants. A mashup of Minecraft's exploration & crafting and Diablo's combat & and gear optimization, Crashlands is a unique world to explore and conquer.

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Most action RPGs aren't popularised for their storyline and atmosphere. However, Supergiant Games’ debut title, Bastion, is unlike any other. It offers a breathtaking plot shedding light on the Calamity, an incident that annihilated the city of Caledonia. Playing as the Kid, you are a skilled survivor of this land, familiar with its dark and violent ways. As part of his quest to resurrect even a bit of what was lost, the Kid meets Rucks, a man who controls the gathering of the cores that once fueled Caelondia.

Also acting as the game's stellar narrator, Rucks is able to provide both live and colour commentary on every action and mistake made by the Kid. Backed with a great soundtrack and beautiful graphics that leave us in awe, this fast-paced, chaotic action game is an amazing addition to the list. And although gear isn't a prominent feature, the game still offers multiple weapons to acquire and utilize. This game is just the one for all those who prefer Diablo's action and production value gameplay over its loot and min/max ability.

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