The top 10 iPhone and iPad games of 2018: No 9 - Teen Titans Go Figure

By , on December 11, 2018

Since it's the end of the year, we've decided to round up what we think are the top 10 games for iPhone and iPad that have come out in 2018. We started yesterday with number 10, and if you haven't had a chance to read that yet you can click right here and rectify your terrible oversight.

Once you'd done that, we'll get on with the game that we think was the ninth best that came out this year. Agree? Disagree? Then please do let us know in the comments - it fills our hearts with a rich kind of delight.

Teen Titans Go Figure

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The original game was great, but this sequel takes pretty much everything that made that game so special, shakes it up a bit, and then makes sure that all the charm, wit, and general hilarity of the cartoon it's based on are front and centre.

What does the game actually involve? Well, it's a smart take on the Pokemon template that sees you collecting little figures of your favourite teenage DC stars. You then take them into battle with other collectors. There's always something to do, always someone to fight, and almost always a new version of Robin to collect.

No, there isn't a bit where the boy wonder dresses up as a dog like there was in the original, but we can let that slide when the game's as good as this one.

Click here to download Teen Titans Go Figure for iPhone and iPad