Our pick of the top iPhone and iPad game of the week - Rolling Sky 2: Rolling Dream

By , on February 28, 2019
Last modified 5 years, 1 month ago

We always like to make sure you're playing the best games - really, that's the point of our jobs. We're here to tell you about all the awesome mobile games that come out every week - and this week we're proper jazzed about Rolling Sky 2: Rolling Dream. Want to find out why? You'll have to keep reading then.

The game is an auto-runner, but it's got so many twists up its various sleeves that it'd be diminishing it to think of it in the same terms as some other games that might fit into the same genre. For one thing, this is one of the slickest runners we've seen in a long time. The graphics are gorgeous, and the overall style is one that's both unique and dripping with quality.

There's plenty of clever ideas here that keep the game fresh. You're controlling your character with a finger along the bottom of the screen, swiping around to move around the world you're pelting through.

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Sometimes you're carving through snow on a board; sometimes you're leaping between platforms that coalesce out of nothing in front of you; sometimes you're soaring on the back of a giant eagle. There are subtle differences to each that are going to make sure you're constantly on your toes.

Stick some headphones on and the game branches out in even more interesting ways. This is definitely one of those experiences where the sound is just as important as everything else. Not just important though, it's every bit as polished and poised as the rest of the game, which is definitely something to shout about.

Rolling Sky 2: Rolling Dream is out right now for iPhone and iPad, and if we've managed to make you sit up and take note, you can click right here to grab the game from the App Store right this second.