The top 5 videos about mobile gaming you might have missed last week

By , on March 4, 2019
Last modified 5 years, 1 month ago

AppSpy's video arm regularly delivers the best content about mobile gaming. That's just a fact, we're not bragging or anything. Well, we are a bit. If you've not already subscribed, you can do that by clicking here. Or, just make sure you come back here every Monday, when we'll be rounding up the best videos that we've made for your viewing pleasure over the last seven days.

Today is no different, by the way. Underneath this paragraph you're going to find five awesome videos that cover a whole bunch of really awesome games, or less awesome games that we think you should be avoiding. Anyway, enough talking, let's get on with the moving images. hands-on

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We're not entirely sure how, but has accidentally become one of our favourite .io games out there. In fact it might be one of our favourite multiplayer games for mobile. So that's pretty exciting.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire review

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This one is a midcore MMO with some interesting ideas and a whole bunch of action. Is it worth your time though? Well that all depends on how cool you are with hanging around in the middle of the midcore.

Bridge Builder Adventure review

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Another game in a series that's been rolling along for quite a while now. Is it still as intriguing as it used to be, or is it starting to lose some of its sparkle? You're going to have to watch our review to find out, aren't you.

Rolling Sky 2: Rolling Dream review

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Put simply, this is one of the best auto-runners that we've seen in a good long while. It's got some really great ideas, but there are a few niggles here too as well. Check out our review to find out the good, and the bad.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes review

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Com2us and Activision coming together could be one of the biggest mobile gaming moves in a while. But is the game that came out of that connection entertaining enough to recommend? Watch the review and you'll know, won't you?