One to watch - Sprout: Idle Garden is coming to iPhone and iPad this week

By , on March 12, 2019

It's not often we get excited about idle games here at AppSpy - to be honest, they're not the sort of games that are designed for anyone to get excited about, that'd sort of defeat the object of being idle. But Sprout: Idle Garden has definitely caught our attention.

One of the reasons for that is how lovely it looks. It's all pastel hues and nice, kind things. It's like a warm mug of cocoa and a hug from a loved one you thought you might never see again. And there are loads of flowers too - who doesn't love flowers!?!

The game sees you building your own garden paradise. You plant the flowers, you manipulate the land - this is your space, and you can tend to it as often or as rarely as you like. And that's something we're definitely excited about.

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If Sprout: Idle Garden can capture the simple joy of making things grow, then there's a pretty good chance it could be exactly the sort of game that's going to stick around on your homescreen for a good long while.

Sure, you might not play it all that often, but that won't be as traumatic as forgetting you have a real garden, then turning up to it one day to find everything has died and composted itself into a horrifyingly slimy black mulch.

What we're trying to say is that in a world of grit, grime, and shooting, Sprout: Idle Garden is shaping up to be really lovely. And sometimes, you just want to increase the amount of loveliness in your life. Or we do, anyway.

If you're intrigued by Sprout: Idle Garden, you're not going to have long to wait to check it out. It'll be landing on the App Store in a couple of days, on Thursday to be precise. And hopefully you're going to enjoy every second, however fleeting, you spend with the game.