One to watch - Covens is coming to iPhone and iPad this week

By , on March 19, 2019
Last modified 5 years ago

It can sometimes feel like all the AR-enabled, location-based games on the App Store are aiming for the same audience. Not so with Covens, which is set to come out worldwide this Thursday, March 20th. And it's fair to say that we're excited to see how this one plays out.

As you might be able to tell from the name, this is a game about witches. You build a character, learn some spells, and then head out into the world (literally) to try and show all the other players that your coven isn't to be messed with.

There looks to be more action here than in the likes of Pokemon GO, and while it might struggle without a massive license backing it up, the slightly grittier art-style paired with the more hands-on gameplay could well be enough to make this one at the very least a sleeper hit.

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You'll be fighting with spirits by drawing on your screen, and teaming up with other players to try and capture locations in the real world to consolidate your power. It looks like everything the game needs to click with people is in place - the game has been in beta for a while, and hopefully any kinks have been ironed out.

Covens is shaping up to be one of the most interesting and innovative uses of AR and location technology that we've seen outside the work of Niantic, and we're super stoked that we're going to be able get to play with it in a few short days.

Covens is set to land on the App Store and Google Play Store this Thursday, March 20th. It won't cost you anything to pick it up, and we reckon you should definitely add it to your wishlist - y'know, if that's the sort of thing you like to do.