Best mobile games of the year so far: Rush Rally 3

By , on May 13, 2019
Last modified 2 years, 5 months ago

Time again for another entry in what is becoming a fairly lengthy showcase of the best mobile games of the year so far. This here is the 6th entry – notable for being the first racing game on the list. It’s another premium title, but I reckon it’s worth every penny. And that game is of course the stellar Rush Rally 3.

Rush Rally 3

Brownmonster LTD’s rally series has rightfully taken its place among the heavy-hitters of the genre, with this latest entry in particular earning an especially strong critical reception. It’s a down-and-dirty racer that goes back to basics, perfects them, then cements itself as the ultimate rally game on mobile.

Sure, it’s far from the most technically astounding game in its genre, with a deliberately clean look that some may find nostalgic, but that hardly matters when it plays as good as it does. Controls and camera options can be tinkered with to work well on any size of device, and the vehicles all have a definite weight to them –a feat most racers still struggle to achieve.

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The updated career mode, and indeed everything peripheral to the racing, lacks the showy glitz now expected from the genre, but there’s still merit to its refreshingly straightforward approach.
Elsewhere, the bells and whistles that racing games have come to rely on to appear fresh – loot boxes, silly amounts of dull character cosmetics, needless open worlds, etc – are sidestepped in favour of offering a more immediate experience, reminiscent of the best PS1-era rally games.

It’s feature-packed, endlessly replayable, and easily customisable to your current device and preferences. The driving itself offers the perfect mix of hardcore simulation and arcadey highs, and it’s truly one of the most complete racing games we’ve ever seen on mobile. If any upcoming 2019 racer tops this, I’ll be amazed.