News Wrap-Up | 13th September 2013

By , on September 13, 2013
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Apple officially revealed the shiny new iPhone 5S and the colourful iPhone 5C to the world this week, marking the beginning of another week of news reports showing cold Apple fans camping on a dirty street with a faraway look in their eyes.

However, it was the game Apple used to show off its swanky new A7 processor which had us pitching tents of our own. You'd best start flexing your swiping finger, because Infinity Blade III is due out next week.

The newest instalment in Chair's wildly successful action RPG franchise, Infinity Blade III offers two new playable characters whom you will guide through no less than eight new game worlds. And, with each of these worlds containing more square footage than the entire first game, you'll have plenty of castles, crevices, and caverns in which to lose yourself.

You'll also get your hands on 135 weapons, perfect six different fighting styles, and step to your buddies via numerous multiplayer modes.

Also: Dragons. It's out next Thursday.

Not to be outdone by Chair, Ubisoft also had a few announcements up its sleeve. For starters, we got the first proper trailer for free-to-play stunt racer Trials Frontier. Set in the distant future, the mobile exclusive looks notably different from its console brethren, sporting more cartoony, almost steampunk visuals.

We've yet to see whether the freemium aspects will impact the game negatively - I'm looking at you Where's My Water? 2 - but the word is that it still feels like a proper Trials game. It's out on iPhone and iPad shortly.

Trials wasn't the only Ubisoft franchise to get a snazzy announcement trailer, however. Perhaps you remember last year's gorgeously graceful auto-runner hit Rayman Jungle Run? Well PastaGames is counting on it, as it's serving up a spicy-looking sequel sometime this winter.

Titled Rayman Fiesta Run, the game will see you guiding the floaty-limbed hero through another series of colourful - but deadly - environments. There will be jumping; there will be punching; there will be some kind of shrink trumpet thing.

There will also be in-app purchases, but we're hoping they don't interfere with what should be one of the auto-runners of the year.

Finally, though Assassin's Creed III received mixed responses from fans, one thing most people agreed on was that bits where you took to the seven seas on your very own ship were ace. So ace, in fact, that Ubisoft decided to make Assassin's Creed IV a bloody great pirate party.

To accompany the console release on its voyage, Assassin's Creed: Pirates is set to sail onto iOS within the next few weeks. Details are scarce, but we do know you'll be captaining a vessel through the Caribbean, and using your cannons to engage in a spot of ship-to-ship skulduggery. Keep you good eye training on the horizon for more info.