AppSpy Plays: World of Tanks Blitz (Twitch catch-up)

By , on May 8, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 1 month ago

James and I took to the virtual battlefields on Tuesday in recently soft-launched military MMO World of Tanks: Blitz.

Jumping into our newly acquired tanks, we quickly formed a Platoon and started rolling around each combat arena as a duo, smashing the living daylights out of anyone who stood before us.

Well, that was the plan, and though we certainly did to begin with, I think our luck was starting to run out about halfway through.

If you weren't around for the Twitch stream (live daily @ 5pm UK | 9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern), then never fear: you can catch up with the Past Broadcasts section of Twitch, or over on our YouTube channel, or by aiming your sights squarely on the play button below.

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