Hands-on with Very Big Indie Pitch winner AG Drive, the WipEout-style futuristic racer

By , on June 20, 2014
Last modified 10 years ago

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In case you were wondering where my voice had got to this week, it was with me in Helsinki, where I was participating in the Pocket Gamer Connects conference.

While there, we threw an AppSpy co-sponsored event called the Very Big Indie Pitch.

If you're unfamiliar with the VBIP, it's a regular event where loads of indie developers get a chance to push their games into the eyeline of games journos, publishers, and industry types.

Each pitcher has 3 minutes to grab our attention, after which they must move to the next table. Think X-Factor with more games and slightly less singing.

Though there were some great entrants, many of which you'll be seeing in AppSpy hands-on videos over the coming week, there was one game which grabbed our judges attention above all others: AG Drive.

This gorgeous WipEout-influenced game has been created by Zorg Entertainment, and is hands down one of the most impressive-looking futuristic racers we've ever seen on iOS.

To hear more about AG Drive, and see the game in action, check out the hands-on video above.