Hands-on with Mucho Party, the iPhone and iPad's spiritual successor to Bishi Bashi

By , on June 24, 2014
Last modified 9 years, 12 months ago

Mucho Party is big and colourful and inclusive and straight out of a French development house at Globz.

The idea is that you and a pal (or the AI, if you're pal-less) play a series of minigames on the same screen of your iPad. These range from shooting asteroids at your opponents to tango dancing, and pretty much everything in-between.

It reminds me of Bishi Bashi, the crazy good multiplayer minigame collection that hit arcades and PlayStations back in the nineties. Or if that reference flew over your head, think WarioWare, but with a bit more time on the clock.

Here's what it looks like in motion...

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