Hands-on with Fates Forever, the MOBA designed exclusively for tablet gaming

By , on July 8, 2014

For my money, Solstice Arena is currently the best MOBA-on-the-move, but that might well all change soon, as I've been playing Fates Forever, and it's pretty special.

The first thing you'll notice when you hit that play button below is how pretty this thing is. Fates Forever draws from a painterly palette, and its 3D models and animation are top-tier.

But it's the gameplay that shines the brightest.

Everything about it feels custom-made for touchscreen gaming, with a responsive and sensibly laid-out UI, ten minute matches, and solid multiplayer.

Have a watch of our hands-on video and then let me know if you think MOBAs are a good fit for tablets (and mobiles) in the comments.

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