Hands-on with Fanatic Earth, the JRPG about alien plagues, fighting baddies, and saving ladies in exchange for fine dining

By , on July 10, 2014

Kemco has just released Fanatic Earth onto the iOS and Android app stores, and here's the elevator pitch that got me excited for that happening;

Xilleon City is the last remaining bastion of humanity, which has seen the majority of its population wiped out by an alien disease. You play as a man with probably The Best Hair Ever who is unfortunately suffering from a spot of amnesia, and pretty soon you find yourself in trouble with a gigantic (and undoubtedly evil) corporation called Cyphate.

If the above synopsis, and the below video is something you reckon you'll want to invest a few dozen hours in, then you best go grab Fanatic Earth now, as it's currently celebrating its launch with a sale at £2.49 / $3.99, but it'll jump back up to £5.49 / $7.99 shortly.

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