Hands-on with Blood Bowl, the totally confusing adaptation of the classic Games Workshop tabletop game

By , on August 1, 2014

I have been playing video games for a quarter of a century now, and I have been covering them in an editorial capacity for coming up on 6 years. I'm well-versed at how games work, and I've played plenty of duds.

But I can't recall any I've played, certainly in recent memory, that have left me as bewildered and confused as this iPad and Android tablet adaptation of Blood Bowl.

It's an accurate take on the Games Workshop game that inspired it - a game I used to love playing as a teenager - but in hiding away so many of the systems that govern play, Blood Bowl gives so little information to the player that you struggle to understand why a throw succeeded or failed, why one die is better than another, what suddenly injured your player, and so on.

Here's ten minutes of me failing to grasp what the hell is going on.

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