Hands-on with Zanac MSX, a classic cult shooter revitalised

By , on August 7, 2014
Last modified 9 years, 11 months ago

Zanac is a shoot-em-up classic, a cult one.

If you're over a certain age, or a follower of shmups, you might have run into it in the past, but to everyone else it's - at best - a case of “oh yeah... I think I've heard of that”.

Now's the time for you to hopefully rectify that, with this excellent port of the MSX version, titled Zanac MSX. It has touch controls, controller support, high speed emulation, and it's free.

Please note: at the time of recording the game was available and then unavailable, and at the time of publication remains unavailable. We contacted D4 Enterprise to find out what's going on, and they've told us the game will be available next week. Expect to see it in an App Store near you around the 14th of August.

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