Genre Busters: the best Pokemon alternatives on iOS

By , on September 5, 2014

It's abundantly clear by now that, were Nintendo to release (or re-release) a Pokemon game on iOS or Android, the company would clean up.

So many people want to catch a Porygon on their mobile that other games companies have realised that there's a hefty profit to be made from filling that JRPG-lite hole in the market, and have gone ahead and created games heavily inspired on the premier monster battler.

But which games are worth your time, and what's less use than a Magikarp?

Find out below, in video form.

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Not got a full hour? Scrub through to the various games on our list using the ever-so dandy links below.

1. Mighty Monsters
2. Monster Legacy
3. Beastie Bay
4. Micromon

And a big thanks to Jacksack for the Quackers fan art.