Gunning it - AppSpy's Sunday Service

By , on February 22, 2015

Hello there! You're reading AppSpy's Sunday Service, the quickest way to get up-to-speed with the best mobile gaming videos of the week.

The Big Stories

1. GEOFF explains Apple's decision to censor guns on the App Store

2. We had a very early look at DomiNations, a rather appealing cross of Clash of Clans and Civilization

3. Okay? may well make you fall in love with the concept of free-to-play

4. Skatelander is basically Crossy Road meets Epic Skater

5. Square Enix and Mediatonic are teaming up for Heavenstrike Rivals

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Swap Heroes 2 was a bit divisive, but the general consensus seems to be that it's pretty neat. I didn't love the character swapping gameplay, but thought the retro presentation was all sorts of 16 bit gorgeousness. However, James thinks it plays just fine, and Harry at Pocket Gamer liked it even more, slapping a Silver Award on it at review.

More on Swap Heroes 2: Pocket Gamer review / AppSpy Twitch stream

How we spent our weekend

James, Peter, Danny: Heading to UKIE on Saturday for a final bit of charity streaming for GameBlast 15, then getting some much needed rest.

Glen: Rescuing helplessly adorable Teensies in Rayman Legends, and headshotting obsessively in Midnight Star.