11 stupendous Bike Baron stunts that'll have you itching to hit the asphalt

By , on March 28, 2015
Last modified 9 years ago

Although the premise of making some poor sap tackle physics-based challenges on a motorbike is hardly original, it's this writer's opinion that Bike Baron does it best on iOS.

So let's all honor the 3 year and 5 month anniversary of this delightful game by taking a look at some of its most entertaining stunts and, of course, morbidly hilarious failures. If you've spun out more spectacularly, post your exploits down below.

It’s a gourd thing he didn’t squash those pumpkins

He calabashed that level so hard it... okay the gourd puns will stop

Erm... I don't think children are in Baron’s future

Good thing he landed that backflip... just kidding

And Baron sets a new record for dislocated shoulder land-swimming!

Keep on trying... you'll probably cause even more hilarious deaths

Now he can only whim-purr

One might say this guy's the bomb at Bike Baron

Don't go, he'll beat it eventually... heh heh heh

So it isn't impossible to complete!

The divine pinnacle of Bike Baronetcy. Such skill