7 Top Gear: Race the Stig runs that reach Jeremy Clarkson levels of insanity

By , on April 11, 2015
Last modified 9 years ago

Ah, good old J.C. One minute he’s waxing eloquent about motoring, and in the next he's punching producers, telling off political heavyweights, and making racially insensitive jokes. It's almost as if he tries to attract attention through controversy...

Anyway, Race the Stig is a fun little endless runner in the same vein as Subway Surfers, and features a selection of iconic vehicles from the show. To give you an idea of how it plays, I’ve chosen 7 replays, and then, for a bit of spice, paired them with equally crazy things Clarkson might do some day. Enjoy!

1. Jeremy Clarkson refuses to say “bless you” after a sneeze

2. Jeremy Clarkson rants against the Welsh language after stubbing his toe

3. Jeremy Clarkson loudly farts in an elevator and blames it on Piers Morgan

4. Jeremy Clarkson karate-chops a tree in half after ramming into it with his Toyota

5. Jeremy Clarkson compares the British prime minister to a half-eaten potato

6. Jeremy Clarkson makes a rap album using every racial slur imaginable

7. Jeremy Clarkson gets cold cuts instead of steak, turns into Hulk, and destroys the world