12 stupefying shots from Super Stickman Golf 2 in honor of the upcoming sequel

By , on April 16, 2015
Last modified 9 years ago

Last month at GDC 2015, our friends at PocketGamer took a first look at the upcoming Super Stickman Golf 3, which is being developed by iOS stalwart Noodlecake Studios.

New features include updated 2.5D graphics, wind (it’ll be a breeze to handle!), and a fully-featured level editor that’ll even let you tweak gravity. That’s a weighty addition for sure.

To remind you of the strengths of the Stickman Golf series, here’s a taste of what the fantastic second installment has to offer. And remember, if you’ve hit a hole-in-one that’s second to none, post a link in the comments.

Pure golfing skill. And probably also many retries.

Which one is cooler, this or the previous?

Now the question: precise planning, or just dumb luck?

YES. That is all.

Glad he extricated himself from that sticky situation.

Good God, what fine aim he has!

Who needs power-ups anyway?

What goes up… must be a hole-in-one.

More like win-mill.

That satisfying boom will never get old.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to label this one under-achieving.

He meets even the highest of expectations.