8 hilarious hijinks from Hill Climb Racing

By , on May 16, 2015

As far as free iOS games go, it doesn’t get much better than Hill Climb Racing. Ever since its release way back in November of 2012, this title’s been updated fairly consistently, with frequent additions (mainly new vehicles and tracks) to spice up the gameplay. But not even near-monthly updates can keep a fundamentally bad game on its feet - the action has to be good to begin with, and HCR’s physics-based motoring delivers in spades.

Of course, two and a half years of bouncing along in HCR has bestowed some players with remarkable driving skills. I’ve already posted eight of the game’s most entertaining exploits below, but feel free to offer your own runs in the comments to supplement the awesomeness.

If you turn your nose up at that, we’ll stop seeing eye to eye, and I’ll have to give you an earful.

Who needs motorcycles anyway?

Be free, annoying red light!

And that’s why you’ll never see a double-decker in a tunnel.

If semi-attached wheels gain traction (!) in the auto industry, thank HCR.

They say you can only neck-flip once. I wonder why?

He’ll have more than just a red nose after that stunt…

Please don’t make the “over 9000” joke. Only I can do that. IT’S OVER 9000!!!!