Shadow Fight 3 prepares to beat-'em up in another dimension

By , on April 28, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 11 months ago

With tens of millions of downloads of the first two games in the Shadow Fight series, developer Nekki was always looking to do something special for its third release.

But, as the teaser trailer for the game - which is coming to iOS, Android and Windows 10 in late 2016 - shows, it's really pushed the boundaries.

Gone is the simple 2D graphics. Replaced by a console-style 3D approach, which has taken over two years and 80,000 man hours of work.

A deep beating

In terms of the game itself, it's been expanded with options such as deep character customization, dynamic quests and a strong storyline.

There will be three playable factions: the brutal Legion, the stealthy Dynasty, and the deadly Heralds. You'll also be collecting legendary weapons, armour, and perks to optimize your character.

And, keeping with the original concept, each fighter will have a Shadow Form (as shown in the screenshot above), which you enter to use special Shadow Skills.

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