ZPlay announce upcoming release, Inner Circle. Can you get your head around it?

By , on June 8, 2016

Publishers ZPlay are bringing a new fast-paced puzzle title to the App Store in the coming months: Inner Circle. Centring on a simple interface with bright, eye-catching graphics, the game is perfect for a vast majority of mobile gamers, young and old.

To succeed, players must strive to line up coloured rings with the ‘inner circle’, before they hit the centre. To do this, the ring must be tapped to rotate, then swiped to shrink the circle faster once the colours are aligned – gleaning more points for speedier responses.



With a massive array of 250 levels that boast a smorgasbord of progressive challenges, Inner Circle appeals heavily to those looking for a long-term brain-training experience. With its speedy strategic focus, players can flex their cognitive muscles daily – those time constraints really get the brain cells racing.

Game features include a handy night mode, in which the lighting of the game alters to ensure seamless playing in varying circumstances. In addition, Inner Circle offers an Arcade mode, where players can access levels indefinitely, or until their fingers fall off – whichever comes first.

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Set for release very soon on iOS devices only, this game is one to keep eyes peeled for. Landing down exclusively in the App Store, it is currently unclear as to whether the title will branch out over alternative formats.


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