Puzzle and adventure awaits with Tiles &Tales, available on iOS and Android

By , on March 10, 2017
Last modified 4 years, 1 month ago

Recently launched by its publisher European Games Group, Tiles &Tales is a free2play Fantasy Puzzle Adventure RPG set in a universe where there is no shortage of colourful tasks to complete and puzzle challenges to overcome.

With simple screen swipes, taps, and flicks, Tiles & Tales aims to provide an intuitive gameplay loop, letting players gradually level up their hero and compete with friends through unified Facebook connectivity.

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Once choosing any one of Tiles &Tales’ four central characters, you’ll embark on a journey to match coloured tiles and levelling up your hero, fighting enemy foes in an attempt to free the kingdom of Zanira.

Developers Trilith Entertainment and Playata have been hard at work since the game’s original release, crafting a smoother experience with update 1.13.3 by ironing out several small bugs, rolling 35 levels into sole dimensions, and combining story and adventure mode into one neat package.

Now that Tiles &Tales’ two core single player modes have been melded together, those looking for an endless challenge of unique sliding puzzle block gameplay as well as a helping hand of narrative and lore won’t be disappointed. Weekly and daily quests that feature plenty of mysterious monsters to thwart still offer unique loot to find, giving seasoned players an excuse to return.

Feel free to jump into the world of RPG puzzle adventuring in Tiles & Tales, free to download from the Google Play and App store now.

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