Look out below! Temple Jump launches today

By , on March 23, 2017

The floor actually is lava in this new pixelated platformer by Nexx Studio. Temple Jump hopped onto the App Store and Google Play today and it’s got enough twitchy, platforming fun to keep you hooked for quite a while.

You guide a limbless blob, a “jumper”, if you will, across 12 levels of perilous traps and pitfalls. Your goal is to collect as many gems as you can, though you’ll have to watch your step around crumbling pillars, gleaming spikes, and jumping fireballs all ready to send you to a most toasty end in the lava pits beneath you. Stay out of danger by holding your thumb to the screen to charge your jumps, releasing to fall to the next platform.

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Along the way you may uncover an elusive bonus level, or stumble upon golden wings, which can carry you to alternative game modes. Once you clear all 12 of the challenge mode levels, try your hand at the endless mode, or work on collecting the 33 different jumpers on offer -- each with their own silly personality.

Temple Jump is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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