Unleash cyberpunk chaos when dual stick shooter Jydge releases on iOS this week

By , on January 15, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 6 months ago

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Dual stick shooters often put you in the shoes of a one-man army, able to take on overwhelming waves of aliens or geometric shapes or soldiers. Jydge is no different, except this aptly named shooter takes its inspiration from Judge Dredd; so your battlegrounds are the crime-infested streets and buildings of megacity Edenbyrg and you wield a sci-fi arsenal when the game releases on iOS this Thursday.

A spin-off of 10tons’ other cyberpunk shooter Neon Chrome, Jydge drops you in stages among civilians and futuristic criminal alike. The destruction and furious action of Neo Chrome remains, but now with a more customizable array of abilities and perks to develop your playstyle. Want to remain cloaked and hidden until you‘re in position with your Gavel gun? Or shoot from a distance with a sniper mod and riot shield for protection? Or ”persuade“ enemies to fight for you, alter your ammo to not harm civilians, crash through walls? Jydge lets you do all that and more, as you unlock new weapons, abilties, weapon mods, and augmentations through completing missions and special challenges.

Jydge is currently avaiable to pre-order on iPad and iPhone for $4.99; the game will be available on the 18th.