Oddman is an oddly charming brawler from Set Snail, coming to iOS

By , on January 16, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 6 months ago


Set Snail’s repertoire is one of charmingly odd games - from the abstract Snake Towers to the clumsy Daddy Long Legs - and their next game follows suit, as Oddman tackles the physics-based local mulitplayer fighter.

In Oddman, your weirdly-shaped brawlers bash and leap upon tiny islands, and the surrounding waters teem with ravenous sealife. Only the strongest and fastest can survive, pitting you against both AI and friends in a physics-driven bout of tackles and slams. Each fighter and enemy brings their own unique perks to battle, be it varying size and speed or other abilities. Of course, given the humorous physics, both of you might end up as fish food before quickly reloading into a new fight.

Oddman is currently in beta testing, and will likely release on iPad and iPhone sometime this year. You can sign up for the iOS beta here if interested,