Thumper: Pocket Edition unleashes its unique brand of rhythm violence upon the App Store

By , on January 23, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 4 months ago

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iOS is no stranger to music games, from Cytus to Dropchord, but Thumper is unlike any of them. A weird, unrelenting, and lightning-fast entry to the genre, the game has made its way to mobile, currently available on the App Store. 

From the first section of its nine levels to its last hellish stage, Thumper: Pocket Edition hurls you into a kaleidoscopic tempest, your chrome beetle racing along twisting tracks and claustrophobic tunnels as eldritch beings of light and metal twist and unfurl within the void. Imagine those classic inputs of a Guitar Hero or Rock Band - tap and hold to the beat at the right time - and you can grasp Thumper: thump down on markers, turn and grind against the turns, hover over spikes and through rings, all through tilting, tapping, and holding on the screen. Even as more elements and nuances are introduced, the game remains a mechanically lean test of focus and reflex.

Thumper is as much a reflex-testing arcade game a la Super Hexagon as it is a rhythm game; perfect timing and not dying improves your rankings on each level, a challenge that grows more tricky with each demanding new boss and track. Survive the game’s musical onslaught and you’ll even unlock an even faster, more demanding Plus mode, to truly test your Thumper skills.

If you‘re seeking something to scratch that arcade game itch (or the unique music game one), Thumper: Pocket Edition can be purchased for $4.99 on iPad and iPhone.