Slime Pizza takes a gloopy approach to iOS platforming

By , on January 24, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

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Being a collaboration between Nitrome and Neutronized, you might have certain expectations for Slime Pizza: a colorful and charming artstyle, simple yet challenging gameplay, short bite-sized gauntlets. And you would be right; this new iOS game features all of those in its particularly gooey take on the mobile platformer.

As an amorphous delivery boy for the titular pizza service, it’s your job to hop and cling across rooms to recover the slices scattered by a crash landing. Doing so is as simple as dragging on the screen to slingshot in a wobbly arc, sticking to the surfaces you touch. As you travel from room to room and planet to planet, collecting pizza becomes increasingly challenging, with all manner of traps and enemies to dodge: spikes, saws, lasers, electric barriers, and much more. Timing is key to safely exploring Slime Pizza’s areas, encouraging you to aim and release each leap at the best moments.

For some less-taxing and more colorful platforming fun, you can download Slime Pizza for free on the App Store; an in-app purchase is available to remove ads.