Unique metroidvania Dandara is headed to iOS and Android on February 6th

By , on January 28, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

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Dandara takes the classic platforming of the metroidvania and turns it on its head, literally. This gravity-twisting entry to the genre is slated to release in early February, bringing rapid-fire action and wall-hopping acrobatics to mobile.

As ths titular warrior, awakened in time of need, you must fight against the forces oppressing the people of Salt; that‘s no task when that enemy consists of powerful bosses across various regions. Slingshotting from walls to floor to ceiling lets you evade traps and attacks with precision, while your upgradable arsenal arms you with different projectiles and means to reach previously-inaccessible areas. From bullet hell waves of bullets and foes to movement-based puzzles, Dandara’s gameplay looks fast, varied, and well-suited for touch controls. 

The stylish visuals, secrets to discover throughout Salt, and challenging combat will be available on the 6th, when Dandara releases on the App Store and Google Play. You can pre-order Dandara for a discounted pricse of $11.99 on iOS.