Track and field gets a ballistic twist in Run Gun Sports, releasing on iOS this week

By , on January 29, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 3 months ago

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Sprinting a 50m dash may prove a tad challenging when you have guns for feet, in Run Gun Sports, the wacky sports game headed to the App Store on February 1st.

Reminiscent of other sports hybrids like Wrestle Jump or QWOP, Run Gun Sports combines classic track-and-field events - hurdes, long jumps, and more - with the physics-based twist of being robot with bullet-firing legs. Recoil is your means of acceleration and balancing, forcing you to time your shots to modulate movement and rotations.

Ranging from shotguns to flamethrowers, your arsenal of leg guns each have their own effects to master as you compete for high scores across dozens of events and daily challenges.

Run Gun Sports will be available to download on iPad and iPhone when it arrives on iOS this Thursday.