iOS and Android releases are likely for dual stick shooter roguelite Tesla Vs Lovecraft

By , on January 29, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

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10tons‘ mobile library is one of fast and furious shooters, from the alien-splattering Crimsonland to the recent Jydge, and the developers revealed they have plans to bring their newest game, Tesla Vs Lovecraft, to mobile as well.

As one might infer from the title, the game is a battle of high tech scientific weaponry against hordes of eldritch horrors; with Tesla’s arsenal of energy and lightning guns, you must annihilate Lovecraft’s monsters across gothic cemeteries and victorian streets. Powerful perks that multiple bullets or bounce them off surfaces augment your rifles, shotguns, and other guns, but your most powerful weapon is the limited-use Tesla-Mech. This hulking steel power-up upgrades your Nikola Tesla into a robot-commanding mech driver, unleshing dual minigun barrels of enhanced projectiles on the overwhelming waves of enemies.

Outside of your mech, you’re more vulnerable but no less dangerous, especially due to a potent mix of teleporting dashes and gadgets that enhance your mobility to dodge and tactically reposition around each stage’s arena.

Tesla Vs Lovecraft on mobile doesn‘t have a release timeframe yet, but 10tons have confirmed they‘re “very much interested” in iOS and Android versions given the success of their past games on mobile.