Gunslugs 3: Rogue Tactics promises slower but still hectic side-scrolling action on iOS and Android

By , on January 30, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 5 months ago

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The Gunslugs series has offered some of the most hectic 2D action on mobile, packing tons of bullets and explosions into a small slice of run-n-gun chaos. While the second game ratcheted the speed to be more frenetic levels, the third game looks to slow the action down a tad...and adding some extra tactical elements to the explosion-heavy gameplay.

 After choosing from a pool of characters -  each with unique perks that range from faster movement to a minigun as a secondary weapon - Gunslugs 3 unleashes you in larger levels that combine vertical combat through towers with hectic evasion as you travel between towers. Weapons found throughout stages can alter your loadout with plasma bolt guns and other guns, upgrading your arsenal to survive powerful bosses and waves of enemies. Careful platforming and excessive shooting will be helpful as well.

Gunslugs 3: Rogue Tactics is still in development and is expected to release later this year on iOS and Android; you can follow its progress and learn more on the offical OrangePixel site.