Death Squared doubles the tricky challenges in this color-based iOS puzzler

By , on February 14, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

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The block-pushing Sokoban-style puzzler has seen myriad variations and permutations on mobile, but while others may be more complex or minimalist, few can claim to as clever and mischevously designed as the newly-ported-to-iOS Death Squared.

At its core, you think you might know how Death Squared works: manuever blocks around tight levels filled with gaps and barriers and corners, pushing those blocks into the right spots. And you would be right; Death Squared does want you to solve its 80 main levels like that, enhanced with color-based twist where red and blue objects and traps interact with the like-colored blocks.

Death Squared works like that, until you realize moving a block makes the exit tile move simultaneously. Or that a laser turrets rotates in sync with a specific block. Or a switch makes hidden spikes pop out of the ground. See, Death Squared‘s levels are also unpredictable surprises that can shift and rotate and reveal hidden traps as you drag blocks around. You’ll need to carefully study each stage, experiment with block movement and position, see what switches activate, how you might be able to change the level layout, to solve Death Squared’s tricky challenges.

Whether playing alone or letting a friend control a block with same-device co-op, Death Squared is a unique and promising take on a classic puzzle formula. You can purchase it for $6.99 on the App Store.