Technolites hopes to bring cross-platformer shoot-em-up action to mobile

By , on February 16, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

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The bullet hell spectacle of the shoot-em-up has graced mobile many many times, from Cave‘s games to popular indie titles like Phoenix, and the customizable ship shooter Technolites looks like it might offer another action-heavy entry to that genre.

You may be facing an overwhelming alien threat, but Technolites lets you even the odds by building a unique ship, choosing from hundreds of weapons and parts. Not only can you make a ship of your own design bristling with gatling guns or lightning guns or flame throwers, you can merge weapons together to create powerful hybrid weapons. Progressing through Technolites’ animated story campaign unlocks new parts to use, as well as upgrade pilot stats for further bonuses and buffs.

Additional game modes and difficulties complement the campaign with challenges to truly test your shooter prowess, but most importantly, cloud saving will let you transfer progress between devices; you’ll be able to play Technolites on the go and then continue playing on different platforms at home, and vice versa.

Technolites is currently gathering funds on Kickstarter, and is expected to release later this year. You can also find more details through the game‘s official site.