Plan planet-wide conflicts in sci-fi real-time strategy game Element

By , on February 26, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 1 month ago

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Real time strategy games often revolve flat battlefields, managing bases and your army along frontlines. Element takes that idea and gives it a global twist, challenging you to wage war on land, sea, and space.

Across low-poly planets, Element places you in the role of a commander in a futuristic conflict. The solar system is dying and each planet is another foothold to gather resources in your race for interstellar expansion. As you expand your network of mines and capture useful territory on planet surfaces, your options grow, letting you unleash supply drones and low-orbit artillery strikes that streak around the planet towards targets. Improve your tech enough and you can even harvest surrounding asteroids and launch orbiting satellites, among other powerful upgrades and units.

Element is slated to release on iOS and Android; however, it doesn’t yet have a release date beyond “soon”. You can learn more about developer Flightless and Element’s development through the game’s official site.