Inkle's sci-fi archaeological adventure Heaven's Vault receives a gameplay trailer

By , on February 27, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 3 months ago

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Inkle has been at the forefront of the interactive fiction genre on mobile, with their Sorcery series and 80 Days. But while those games were adaptations and reinventions of existing works, Inkle’s next game Heaven’s Vault is completely original, and the archaeology-based adventure finally has a trailer showcasing its gameplay and mechanics.

 Traveling the stellar rivers of the Nebula, Aliya Elasra and her robot companion Six are on a mission to uncover the secrets of the worlds that make up the Nebula. Through your choices, you guide the duo between alien ruins and events throughout open environments,  learning and decoding an extraterrestrial language to gather knowledge. Your educated guesses about the civilization that came before are what dictate your choices and interactions with the world. Your decisions can lead Aliya down myriad paths, exploring the Nebula as a third, detective, and more.

This trailer in particular highlights the language decoding, in which you combine known words and grammar rules to figure out what phrases and sentences mean, as well as the game’s unique 3D aesthetic. 

Heaven’s Vault is slated to release on iOS later this year.