Quirky javelin-flinging action game Lichtspeer is now available on the App Store

By , on March 1, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

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A single javelin may not seem like enough to hold back an army of towering giants, sharply-dressed zombies, and glasses-wearing walruses, but that javelin probably isn’t the Lichtspeer. Armed with the powerful laser spear, this new iOS arcade-action game pits you against waves of weird foes and much more.

Across this odd sci-fi fantasy landscape and over 60 stages, you fight at the behest of the Licht gods, talking aim with your titular weapon against varied encroaching monsters. With familiar slingshot controls, your graceful throws pierce eyes and heads and other weak points, requiring precision and timing to defeat deadlier enemies and looming bosses. A single enemy reaching you equals death, so don’t miss. As the waves grow more dangerous, so does your spear, through upgrades and new abilities such as a triple shot, a defensive tower to zap enemies, shields, and other buffs. 

Lichtspeer’s vibrant spear-throwing action can be purchase for $3.99 on iPad and iPhone.