Sam Barlow’s #WarGames heads to iOS on March 14th

By , on March 5, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

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Sam Barlow started a full-notion resurgence with his unique detective mystery Her Story, where you pieced together the truth of a crime through dozens of interview video clips; his next project #WarGames explores FMV from a different angle and is bringing a techno thriller game to iOS later this month. 

As the title suggests, #WarGames is a modernized reimagining of the 80s film of the same name. While the movie was product of Cold War era fears of nuclear war, the game updates the tale to one of modern-day “hacktivists”, episonage, and digital technology. Following the story of Kelly and her international group of hackers, #WarGames is presented through various webcams, security camera feeds, and other screens; choosing which screens to focus on influence how the narrative unfolds and escalates across six episodes. 

#WarGames is slated to release on iOS and other platforms on March 14th. For more details on the game and developer Eko, you can visit the official game site.