King of Dragon Pass spiritual successor Six Ages receives its first teaser trailer

By , on March 19, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 11 months ago

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King of Dragon Pass remains one of the most unique games on mobile, with its blend of 4X elements, text adventure, and complex branching choices. But it's also a port of a nearly twenty year old game. Now developer A Sharp has revealed their long-in-development successor Six Ages, slated to release on iOS later this year.

At its core, Six Ages retains the same elements that made Dragon Pass so compelling. Set in the same rustic fantasy world of Glorantha, you'll manage and expand your tribe, confering with your advisors on matters of faith and law and harvest, deciding whether to stick to old traditions or create new ones as you grow your tribe and conquer lands. "Hostile gods, evil spirits, supernatural beings, alien folk, mysterious strangers, and wonders" all wait to discover, meet, and learn about, while making difficulty choices that decide the future of your tribe.

With Six Ages, the developers wanted to make the experience more approachable without diminishing the challenge, while also adding more choices and impactful consequences based on your actions towards neighboring tribes, inspired by the popular narrative game Fallen London.

Six Ages is expected to release on iPhone and iPad, and has no set release date yet. You can learn more about Six Ages' development by visiting the game's official site.